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What does it take to be a roofing and siding inspector?

Categories: Blog | Posted: August 6, 2020

I was able to sit down with our Quality Assurance Manager, Jeff, and learn a bit about his background and what all it takes to correctly inspect a new homes siding and roofing.

A bit about Jeff- he had his own siding company for 4 years, and in two months, he will have worked at Hillcrest Builders for 17 years! When Jeff is not at Hillcrest, he is either working hard to further his education to become a home inspector or helping his family and friends with siding and roofing.

When Jeff is doing a roof inspection, he is checking that the shingles are the correct color, the siding is done correctly, and that there are no nails showing in the roof. It takes a lot of time and money to re-shingle a roof so by making sure all the little details are perfect. Inspecting the siding is also a large component of Jeff’s day to day routine, which happens to be his favorite.

Breaking down the routine of inspection, Jeff mentioned that it’s really hard to “teach” someone how to inspect a home; it comes from constantly being around construction and knowing where the errors happen most and what’s most likely going to be finished quickly instead of precisely. Jeff also explained that if an inspector continues to be consistent with their builders, and their work ethic to finish the house correctly, it lessens the chance of anything being redone.

As it was perfectly summarized by Jeff, an inspection is never a pass / fail test. He checks every detail to make sure your future home is perfect for decades to come!

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