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Speed dating for the Homebuilder

Categories: Blog, Tips and Tricks | Posted: August 24, 2016

What to look for in a Parade of Homes?

What is a parade of homes?

A home building association will arrange for local builders to feature homes to show their models and capabilities.  This is beneficial for developers and builders, and also for people looking to build because they get to shop in a way that is not otherwise available.

Why visit a parade of homes?

Visiting a parade is like speed dating.
The upside is that you get a sneak peak of the type of quality, look and feel of homes built by that builder.  You also get to speak to salespeople (and sometimes the owners) of the building company and get a sense for who they are, what they focus on, and how they answer your questions.  
The downside is, you aren’t the only one looking.  You may have to see how good the salespeople are at following up since they might not have time for a long discussion.  You also should go prepared with what your main priorities are in homebuilding. Is it location? Home plan? One stop shop?


What to look for in a parade of homes?

Back to our dating analogy, you are all done up, hoping to find someone who matches your sense of taste.  But what are the deep, meaningful, key questions to ask or things to look for?


Does the home fit your sense of style? Surely this isn’t the homebuilders only home plan, but overall, is the feeling and taste of the building what you are looking for? Think, room placement, flow, everyday uses.


What is the quality of materials being used in the home?  Keep in mind that much of the quality of the home is behind the drywall.  It involves the structure and materials used to build.


Eye Contact
Just like dating, make sure you like the initial feel you get from the builder.  Homebuilding is an involved process and you want to find someone who is accommodating, creative, and a good communicator.

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