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Dan Gehrke, Metro Milwaukee Realtor

Categories: Blog, News | Posted: December 6, 2016

Hillcrest Builders would like to welcome our new member to the team, Dan Gehrke. Dan is a realtor primarily in the Metro Milwaukee area.  Dan is a Hillcrest customer who loved us so much he decided to join the team!  We couldn’t be happier.  Below is a little bit of information about his background, why he joined the Hillcrest team, and a little note from him about his realty experience.  If you want to learn even more about him, check out his zillow profile or his facebook profile.  He has some valuable testimonials you can read on those sites.

Dan Gehrke

Dan’s Background

Dan has a diverse educational background starting with his Bachelors in biology. He then spent over seven years in business and sales which has let him to pursue his Masters in Business Administration from Concordia University.

On top of his impressive resume, Dan has a wife, two wonderful children and two dogs. They built their home with Hillcrest, and will be moving in later this month. His good experience building with the team got him excited to joint the team. Dan said, “I have had a very positive experience building with Hillcrest. The entire staff has been very professional and knowledgeable. The build product is far superior to any other competitor in the market.”


Why Work for Hillcrest? “Hillcrest has a vision of expansion by building relationships, which mirrors my business philosophy. I look forward to developing and building Hillcrest Realty in the Milwaukee Metro area.”


A Note from Dan  

“Many of the clients I have worked closely with and helped in their real estate transactions have told me that I have a certain way of gaining their trust, which helps make the transaction much smoother and less stressful than it certainly could be. As a younger agent who has recently bought and sold his own real estate, I feel like I am in touch with a very fluid market, which inherently puts me in a better position to work for my clients. I have experience from Sheboygan to Caledonia, and from Sussex to the lakefront, so I have been exposed to many different markets, which gives sellers and buyers confidence that I am familiar with where they are looking to buy or sell. I’m easy to talk to, love to represent first time home buyers, and look forward to building relationships with new people!” Dan Gehrke


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