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conDO or conDON’T

Categories: Blog, News, Tips and Tricks | Posted: February 16, 2018

There is a time in life when people begin to question if they should stay in their homes or consider moving to a condominium. We hear this debate constantly as we tour these folks through condos during Open Houses. They have so many concerns and questions about moving into a condo and there is emotion involved in this decision. For some it means admitting that they are growing older and for some it means the loss of space for their possessions. It is not an easy decision to make and takes time to make the lifestyle change.

I am familiar with many of these emotions as my husband and I have made the move to condo living. We sold our home of 42 years and moved into a small condo. I admit it has been hard getting rid of our some of our possessions and we have shared or donated most of the unused items. (I admit to renting a storage shed for the overflow). We have grown more creative about new ways to entertain large groups of friends and family.

But there comes a time in life when experiences mean more than possessions. Owning a condo allows more time for trips to visit grandchildren, winter months spent in the south, that dream trip to Europe, fun camping up north or becoming a Road Scholar. You can leave home without the worries of snow removal, lawn mowing and exterior maintenance.

Possessions are things but experiences are what make memories. Is it time to make that choice? It is liberating!!

The bottom line for us is that we are thrilled with the decision and enjoy the opportunity to visit our grand kids in MD without worrying about the house. It was the right time and right decision for us.

Written by Mary Liebetrau


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