Welcome to Hillcrest Builders Landscaping Center

The Hillcrest landscaping division was originally started to maintain our subdivisions and properties. The landscape division has since grown to include a wide array of services backed up by the Hillcrest design, service and warranty.

Full Landscape Plans and Installation

We offer complete landscaping services including planning, lawn install, patios and hardscapes, tree planting and cultivated beds. Our projects range from large commercial installations to carefully planned, elegant and cozy residential outdoor spaces.

Lawn Installation

service We have been installing lawns for many years and have excellent customer referrals to attest to the quality of our installations. Our service includes spreading topsoil, grading for proper drainage, cultivating, fertilizing, seeding with premium seed mix, and mulching. Our new construction customers prefer that we install their lawn because they want the simplicity of dealing with their builder instead of managing a third party. This way, there is a single point of contact and the reliable warranty of Hillcrest to back it up. Another benefit is that the bank allows the lawn installation to be included in the financing when the builder is the installer as opposed to an independent landscaping firm.

Trees from Our Nursery

service The Hillcrest nursery is located in Greenbush in a fully deer protected field. Our trees are meticulously cared for and we provide very mature trees, planted and mulched, for an excellent price. Make it a family event and tag the trees you want. We dig in spring and fall for optimal continued growing conditions. We currently offer Arborvitae, Blue Spruce, Sugar Maple, Norway Maple, Red Sunset Maple, Debora Maple, Autumn Blaze Maple, Paper and River Birch (clump or single), white and pink Crab Apple, Purple Ash, Lilac